Communicating During a Crisis

A study on how to effectively connect with customers

Success factors in messaging

Online behavior is changing with the COVID-19 crisis and our new ‘shelter at home’ lifestyle. With one topic dominating the world, brands can struggle to get their messages across. In an online study using eye tracking, we explored what factors helped e-commerce platforms, travel brands, and consumer brands succeed in reaching their customers and influencing consumer intent. 

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About the study

Combining implicit and explicit methods, researchers from our Research Consultancy Tobii Pro Insight conducted three quantitative webcam eye tracking studies using the solution Sticky by Tobii Pro. During April 2020 and once the social distancing order began, a sample of 120 people in the US and UK between the ages of 18 and 65 were recruited online to complete a brief research session. The data collected included visual attention, clicks, and survey responses.